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Our advanced auto bill system was designed to connect qualified Phone sex operators with valuable knowledge and insight. To those who're seeking safety, discretion, and intimacy when it comes to all things taboo - relationships included.
How do you call a Phone sex operator? It's easy! All you need is access to the internet to view profiles and call from the profile or Call 888 820 5848 and choose based on her name.
1) Browse through our directory listings. Search for your perfect match from among our skilled Phone sex girls.
2) Click on Call Now next to whichever Phone sex girl has caught your eye (or ear!) "Voice Greeting coming soon"
3) Your phone will ring.

4) If you prepaid to your account just enter your profile Pin and follow the prompts. Otherwise you can pay directly over the phone. All calls are billed at $2.00 per minutes and new callers get 3 free minutes on their first call.

5) When you put in the talkers extension , we'll automatically call the appropriate person connecting both of you via a secure line; where no one can eavesdrop on what either party says.

6) Once you are ready to end the call let the talker know or simply hang up. All billing stops as soon as you disconnect.

7) Leave the talker a review about the call and a tip if she earned it.

8) Please keep in mind there is a limit to how much you are allowed to spend per day. That limit is based on account length and minutes used. " All accounts start with $150 per day allowed to spend.